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Nellybrush is my fun and adventurous alter ego. It honours my beautiful and loving mum who called me Nelly when I was a little girl. The name has become very much a part of my being. 

I have been painting and drawing for most of my life and it feels like an absolute dream to escape into my studio and be in the creative flow.

I’ve created this line of work that doesn’t take life too seriously and is an absolute joy to create.  I love to translate moments and experiences through the lens of a happy palette with simple shapes yet bold compositions. I hope you, the viewer, can also see the happiness and joy in my artwork. 

If nothing else, I want my artwork on Nellybrush to give you an extra spark in life, to brighten up a hair salon, remind you of your favourite café, or to give you permission to just smell the flowers. Nellybrush is love, adventure, fulfilling your dreams and about having fun. My love list...

  • Walking on the beach with my dogs Matisse and Monet.
  • Painting....duh!
  • Laughing so hard I cry
  • Drinking tea and eating cake in cafe's
  • Curling up on the lounge with my man at night
  • Sketching the landscapes of Tasmania
  • Travelling and making new friends
  • Baking cakes ....did I say I loved eating them?
  • Hearing the right song at the right moment
  • Keeping plants alive
  • Watching the world wake up at sunrise

Thanks for dropping by. If you have an enquiries, don't hesitate to contact me. You've welcome to join my mailing list for new collection releases and sales heart

I have a halo :)
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Me and Mum
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